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Ron Guerin Tampa Bay’s premier event photographer

Hi this Ron Guerin Tampa Bay’s premier event photographer. Where the photography is always in focus, with the creativity one would expect from a seasoned professional such as Ron event photographer. Event rates are still only $100 and hour which is still considered affordable and reasonable by any means. So when you have to have it and have to have it done right the first time, Please do give Ron Guerin event photographer a call at 727-510-3701 for that fast, friendly affordable event photographer you all ready know or has been referred by many.

Five Tips for Special Event Photography

#1 Dress Like You Belong There

As a photographer, there are plenty of times when you can go to work in jeans and a t-shirt, after all clients aren’t watching you do post production.  When photographing a special event however, you should dress like you belong there and blend in with the crowd.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie every time for men, or that a blazer is necessary for women, but slacks/dressy pants, comfortable, low key, black shoes and a nice shirt/blouse usually are a must.  If it is a higher end event you men should be sure to wear a suit coat and tie while women should wear a blazer if they feel it is necessary.  If you’re unsure of the appropriate attire, always err on the side of safety if you’re over dressed you can always take the coat off and stick the tie in your pocket.

#2 Take Pre-event Shots

#3 Don’t over shoot (but don’t under shoot either)

#4 Be Quick

#5 Edit Hard and Deliver Quickly

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